Love Crazy

Jaz on Love Crazy

Love Crazy” is aptly titled – it’s about the craziest screwball comedy I’ve ever seen. And racy content! For a minute I thought it was pre-code.

Steve and Susan Ireland are a happily married couple about to celebrate their 5th anniversary. Their method of celebration is a repeat of their wedding day and rather bizarre – it involves, among other things, rowing on the lake in the dark and walking three miles to the justice of the peace.

Unfortunately, everything goes wrong. Susan’s aggravating mother drops in, which leads to Steve getting knocked out in a malfunctioning elevator with old flame Isobel Grayson (played superbly by Gail Patrick) and ending up in her apartment to recuperate, then Susan’s mother sprains her ankle on a hideous rug and he ends up having to babysit the awful woman alone, so he escapes for a few hours with Isobel, which leads to Susan filing for divorce, which leads to Steve feigning insanity to delay the hearing, which leads to …

I’m beat. Suffice it to say it’s complicated. Along the way are a talking parrot, Steve au naturale, a “champion bow and arrower,” a sanatorium, and Steve in drag. All because his wife’s mother decides to visit.

So the moral of the story is patently clear: if your mother-in-law shows up on your anniversary, book her a hotel room.

Liz on Love Crazy

Love Crazy: The Thin Man without the murders. William Powell and Myrna Loy are a delightful on-screen couple, though as Jaz points out sometimes racy. In this comedy, Myrna Loy’s mother convinces her William Powell cheated on her—on their wedding anniversary no less—with his old sweetheart. Powell spends the next several months trying everything to get Myrna Loy back. He even pretends to be insane so she can’t divorce him, leading to some hilarious scenes, including one involving the emancipation of feet. I wish I could laugh with you over the funny scenes, but I’m afraid I’d spoil them for you should you watch the movie.

If you have seen it and want to tell me your favorite parts, please share them in the comments section.