Welcome to Our Mutual Friends!

Hi! Welcome to Our Mutual Friends: Liz and Jaz do classics! If you’re a fan of Charles Dickens you might recognize the title of our blog as the plural version of his novel Our Mutual Friend. It’s one of my favorite novels, and the name seemed appropriate for a blog dedicated to those books and movies that my friends and I have spent so much time reading, watching, and talking about.


There are many delightful stories to discuss, so we are choosing a theme for each month and dedicating each week to a different story in that theme. We hope to post two to three times a week: one post about our favorite characters and aspects of the novel or movie; one post to briefly review movie versions of the novel; and one post purely for fun with spoof reviews, quotes, random facts, or whatever else strikes our fancy.


June’s theme will be Favorite Romances. We’ve already chosen our four stories for the month, but please tell us which four classic novels/movies you would choose. Or try to guess which ones we’ve decided on!


5 thoughts on “Welcome to Our Mutual Friends!

  1. I’m guessing “Gone with the Wind” and “Pride and Prejudice” are two of the classical romances. One of my favourites would have to be, “Sense and Sensibility”. I look forward to hearing all about classical movies and books from this site. I’ve heard good things about it! 🙂

  2. For a time, one of my favorite romances was The Scarlet Pimpernel which I find amusing now because of the overly dramatized style, making it- an awful lot like a cheesy romance! Another one that I know isn’t actually a romance, but that I still acted is it were one while I read it was Around the World in Eighty Days. An exotic Indian princess, and a dashing Englishman? Yummy!

  3. Excellent choices. One of them is right, but I won’t tell you which one just yet 🙂 Bronte, I completely agree about The Scarlet Pimpernel; I love it, but it is overly dramatized. Around the World in Eighty Days is quite romantic, though Phileas Fogg doens’t save her from the fire himself.

  4. I’d say P & P for sure and it doesn’t matter if it’s the novel, the six hour or the two hour movie. Love it all. Then, I’d have to go with Emma.

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